Countersunk screw with hexagon socket ISO 10642 Stainless steel (SS) A4

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M3x6, M3x12, M3x16, M3x20, M3x25, M3x30, M3x35, M3x40, M4x6, M4x12, M4x16, M4x20, M4x25, M4x30, M4x35, M4x40, M4x50, M5x12, M5x16, M5x20, M5x25, M5x30, M5x35, M5x40, M5x50, M5x60, M6x12, M6x16, M6x20, M6x25, M6x30, M6x35, M6x40, M6x50, M6x60, M8x12, M8x16, M8x20, M8x25, M8x30, M8x35, M8x40, M8x45, M8x50, M8x60, M8x70, M8x80

  • The unfavorable head geometry limits the load capacity of these screws.
  • If steel screws (eg 8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9) with a limited load capacity must be marked, the strength class will be preceded by a ‘0’. So 8.8 → 08.8 and 10.9 → 010.9 and 12.9 → 012.9.
  • For stainless steel screws, this is indicated by only stating the steel type and omitting the strength class (eg 70) in the markings. So A2-70 → A2.

M3x6 M3x12 M3x16 M3x20 M3x25 M3x30 M3x35 M3x40 M4x6 M4x12 M4x16 M4x20 M4x25 M4x30 M4x35 M4x40 M4x50 M5x12 M5x16 M5x20 M5x25 M5x30 M5x35 M5x40 M5x50 M5x60 M8x16 M8x20 M8x25 M8x30 M8x35 M8x40 M8x45 M8x50 M8x60 M8x70 M8x80 M6x12 M6x16 M6x20 M6x25 M6x30 M6x35 M6x40 M6x50 M6x60

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