3M Dual-Lock SJ3560 25mm x 5m roll reclose click tape, transparent

TAV article number: IM1220
Manufacturer article number: SJ3560
EAN: 4001895502415

Weight .618 kg
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Package quantity

1 set of 2

  • Clear Velcro closure with mushroom-shaped trunks and a back with a clear pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive
  • Type 250 combines with Type 170, 250 or 400
  • Five times more powerful than conventional Velcro fasteners
  • Can be opened and closed thousands of times before the original tensile strength decreases by 50%
  • Logs click into place to make sure the Velcro closure works
  • Designed for bonding to metal, glass and high surface energy plastics
  • Resistant to moisture and UV
  • Helps reduce vibration
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use